EDIC PTAC Cleaning Cradle™

EDIC PTAC Cleaning Cradle™

Item # EDIC-7000AC

  • A self-contained, in-room PTAC cleaning solution that can be performed by one person to effectively and efficiently deep clean PTAC units.
  • Dimensions: 56" L x 24.5" W x 29" H; Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Construction material: Stainless steel and steel
  • Built-In Jacks: Dual, for adjusting up and down and left and right, from 2.5" to 16" vertical adjustment
  • Tilt: Quick pin release for tilting the cradle forward or backward
  • Caster: On both jacks for easy transport; Vacuum Connect: Clamp accessor for vacuum hose
Alternate #7000AC
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If PTAC units go without regular cleaning maintenance, they can have a severe negative impact on indoor air quality, increased energy consumption and even a decrease in the life span of the PTAC unit.


  • The PTAC Cleaning Cradle was engineered to assist in the cleaning of any PTAC (hotels, motels, condominiums, nursing homes, apartments, hospitals, etc.), regardless of age of PTAC, or its placement in the room.
  • Our unit will adjust vertically from 2.5-16" off the floor so it can be used with any PTAC in any room.
  • Tilts forward or backwards, left or right to direct waste water to the vacuum for constant removal during the cleaning process.
  • Durable stainless steel construction, minimum wear on parts, made in the USA.
  • Works with any cleaning extractor machine that pumps water and has a wet and dry vacuum system.
  • For all access conditions, one person can load and unload.
  • A "green product" in that it saves electricity, keeps mold spores and fungus out, allows PTAC to be operating more efficient thus extending the life of the PTAC, increase customer satisfaction.